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Since I was a small child I've been fascinated with nature. Given the option, I'd rather be stuck in a swamp than stuck indoors.

I graduated from University with honours in truancy for many weeks spent birdwatching instead of studying. But the skills I learnt and the friendships I formed shaped my interest in wildlife and even to this day, I question what aspects of my education have been the most important part of life. Whatever the answer, I decided to give up a career in scientific (environmental) consultancy to set up Wildiaries because whilst we can teach facts by rote, science is no substitute for the life-changing and personality-forming influences that nature has on us all.

I see too many youngsters these days that lack the motivation to get outdoors and wonder what effect that will have on them in later life? I've never been bored, unhappy or unchallenged. I learn something new every day and meet amazing people that inspire me to do more. I hope my children will grow up to be equally inspired and that Wildiaries creates - at least for some people - a way to renew their interest in wildlife and the outdoors.

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Louise Egerton on April 30, 2014 about Powerful Owl in Sherbrooke Forest

Powerful Owls all over Sydney at the moment, too. A friend even found one in a Hill's fig outside the Library in downtown Mona Vale this week, complete with Ringtail in claw.

Experience the Wild on July 19, 2013 about Best Kept Secret: Cute Baby Rock Wallabies in Kakadu

Twelve months on and these little guys are still regulars at this location. Early morning is best but in the heat of the day they are often in the shade of the same rock and can be seen from the track just as easily.

Jennifer L. on January 19, 2013 about 2009 (Week 1) Soela Seamount Pelagic

Test email comment

Simon Mustoe on January 13, 2013 about Port Fairy Pelagic

Neil, thanks for a great trip again. Really enjoyable.